There are grants available for small business to assist with online platform design or redesign.

Whilst these vary depending on your personal and/or the business's position, it is very much worth exploring.

Please see the below for some explainers on where and how to contact the relevant government offices to check your eligibility

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If your business requires a grant for website design (up to €2,500) in order to update an existing website or a grant for website design for a complete new website then there are a number of options available. There are a number of grants and vouchers available through local authorities that may help alleviate the associated costs of website design.


There are three website design grants available from the following government agencies – Local Enterprise Office | Online Trading Voucher | Social Welfare Grants


Local Enterprise Boards in Ireland are rewarding qualifying businesses with a host of website design grants. Your business could be entitled to grant assistance up to €2,000 with as much as 50% off the total cost of your website.

Qualifying varies from LEO to LEO and may also be dependant on the time of year as they roll out different grants for website design throughout the year. The best advice we can give is to make contact with your local LEO to see what website design grants they currently have on offer.

A handy tool such as the Enterprise Board Map may be used to find your local Enterprise board in order to request details of their Web Design & Development Grant.


The objective of the scheme is to help small businesses grow their sales, exports and ultimately jobs. Businesses will be able to apply for grants of up to €2500 as Government has allocated €5million for the rollout of the trading online voucher scheme. This follows on the success of a pilot in Dublin City.

Who can apply?

The online trading voucher is open to all businesses with ten or less employees, intends to trade online (provided that the business is located and operates within the area of an Enterprise Office) and whose website has a content management system that can be added to over time. Assistance will include domain registration and the first year’s annual hosting costs as well as online marketing (up to 30% can be spent on things like Google Adwords, PPC and SEO).


What the vouchers can be used for:

  • IT consultation

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website

  • Implementing Online payments or booking system;

  • Purchase of Internet related software

  • Purchase of online advertising (this purchase cannot make up any more than 30% of approved Voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase)

  • Developing an app (or multiplatform webpages)

  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing

  • Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy

  • Training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading activity


Were you aware if you are going from a position of unemployed to self-employed there is another website design grant available to you: the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, or Short term Enterprise Allowance. With both grants you can apply for the Technical Assistance Fund, this is offered by Social Welfare and you must speak with your local Jobs Facilitator to apply.


At the moment it stands at a grant of €1,000 (you must contribute 25% of the cost) which may be used to finance a website.